Jay Tayag | About
Back in 2008 I learned that I was going to be a father. Like any parent to be, I wanted to take good pictures of my kid so I got my first DSLR.

The only experience I had was a beginning black and white film class I took several years before. I remember it was like Christmas when I would get the negatives back from the shots that I took the previous week. I would then spend all weekend in the darkroom processing pictures. The dim safelights, the smell of the chemicals, the dodging and burning, the experience of seeing your image magically appear on a piece of photographic paper and to finally hold the print in your hands... it was great! When the class was over, I found myself taking less and less pictures. It was just too expensive and time consuming to maintain.

Having a DSLR in my hands brought it all back for me... and this time, I didn't have to spend money on film or renting a darkroom. I did spend a lot of time shooting and learning the digital part of it… and the photography part of it as well. It rekindled my love of photography and I didn't look back.

Today, I still love taking lots of pictures of my child but I also love taking the occasional road trip to Death Valley or Yosemite to photograph the beautiful landscape. With the busy schedule of being a working parent, I still try to find the time for photography. Whether it is taking pictures of my child playing with her friends, street photography on my lunch break, seascapes at the beaches, or the occasional gig, photography for me, has transformed from just taking family photos, to a hobby and finally... to a passion.