Jay Tayag | Point And Shoot Favorites

I realize that my collection of point and shoot pics has probably gotten too big these days to go through in one sitting. So here is the condensed and randomized version. If you took the time to go through the acutal galleries (thank you for doing so) please feel free to let me know if I am missing anything from this collection.
The Banyan Tree (Lahaina, Maui)Princeville Resort (Kauai)Princeville Resort (Kauai)Waimea Canyon Lookout (Kauai)Waimea Canyon Lookout (Kauai)Dolphins (Kauai)Manzanar Cemetery MonumentYellow treeOfferingsTunnel View (Yosemite, CA)DeerThe Golden Gate BridgeLeavesLeavesReflection from a pondMuir WoodsMuir WoodsJellyfish - Monterey Bay AquariumJapantown in the rain (San Francisco)Hole in the wall