Serenity can be found anywhere. It can be found in books, music, paintings, running or hiking.

For me, serenity can be found in nature. It is in the stillness of the crisp morning air. It is in the sunset. It is in the sunrise. It is in the silence only found when no one else is there.

Photography is my passion. It is an escape from the stress of my daily life. It takes me to places where I would not normally think of going. It is what wakes me up early in the morning and keeps me up late at night.

Photographing landscapes is very special. I strive to capture the vastness of the land, the texture of the rocks, the warmth of the sun, the quiet... the serenity.
Mono Lake SunriseMono Lake TufaMono Lake SunrisePacific Grove SunsetLone Tree, Zion National ParkLower Antelope CanyonLower Antelope CanyonMobius Arch, Alabama HillsMesquite Dunes, Death ValleyZabriskie Point, Death ValleyRacetrack Playa, Death ValleyShark Fin Cove, Santa CruzTree Tunnel, Point ReyesMesquite Dunes, Death ValleyOak Tree, Yosemite Valley